Leona Gibson@ 11:04am 07-13-2019
What happened to Jerry, I had not heard of him being sick. I loved when he was Master of Ceremonies at the National Quartet Convention. He was one of the best. , Thanks
bill & bertie mowen@ 9:43pm 04-30-2019
Happy Happy Birthday Jerry wen think of you 2 quite often and hope Lil Jan gets you some M &M's for your special day we sure miss giving you that big jar of M&M;s and I'm sure you miss it too May God Richly Bless and Keep you Under His Wings You are Special to us The Mowen"s M&M's friends
Sharon Hayden@ 9:08pm 10-27-2018
I remember when I was a teenager going to all night gospel signings in Greenville SC. I remember you coming down the aisle playing your trumpet. I am now 66 years old and oh how I miss those days. May God bless you and your family
marilyn switzer@ 12:32pm 10-04-2018
what is the contact phone number for purchasing a cd or dvd. I live in Canada. Marilyn
Randy Stafford@ 10:11am 06-24-2018
Saw you on the HYMN SING video from Atlanta even BEFORE Gerald recognized you. So thrilled he asked you to sing. Been loving your music ever since way back in the late '60s. Was probably introduced to your music via CBN --- John Carraway had a music program on their WXRI radio station in Portsmouth, VA and he played your records (back then). Bought many of your albums and EVERYONE of them was just tremendous. You and the others had the VERY BEST VERSION of "The Lighthouse" EVER RECORDED --- "Oh, sing it again, Bobby!" BLESSINGS ON YOU & JAN
bill & bertie mowen@ 9:10pm 04-30-2018
Happy Happy Birthday Jerry, May you have a Blessed day cause your;re a special person, we miss hearing you singing, playing trumpet and your sermons. Tell Jan be sure you get some M & M's for your special day. God Bless You and Lil Jan too Love & Prayers The Mowen,s ( M & M,s ) couple
JIM Whetsel@ 10:19am 03-25-2018
Dr G. You want know me by name. But by my face , maybe.
I’m in Morristown TN. Just heard See You In The Rapture.
Wow. I miss the sound.
Blessings to you and Mrs. Jan.
bill & bertie mowen@ 8:57pm 12-15-2017
Dear Jerry and Lil Jan We miss you guys so much but still keep you in our prayers daily. Just want to wish you and Jan A very Blessed Christmas, and a Prosperous New Year we still talk of the good concerts we used to go to and loved seeing you coming down the aisle playing "The Old Rugged Cross" didn't know your address or would have sent you a card, miss giving you that big jar of M & M's too and I bet you do too. God Bless and Keep you in His Care Love & Prayers The Mowen s from Maryland
Roger mcGuyer@ 4:53am 12-06-2017
My first encounter with the singing Goffs was about 1980 when the quartet convention was still in Nashville. When the lights dimmed and u came walking down the center aisle playing the Old Rugged Cross I fell in love with ur music. About 1997 I got up enough courage to start singing in my church. I have all ur soundtracks and songbook and have prob sung almost every song. My favorite will always be He Grew The Tree. It was my memory of that song that caused me to order ur music. I’m presently trying to learn to play the elec keyboard. By goal is someday to play and sing The Tree. My God richly bless you. That night army the convention I rushed downstairs to find your booth to see if you had the sheet music to The Tree. I found u with just a little card table set up in someone’s booth. U took the time to talk to me and that meant a lot to me and is one of my greatest memories. Keep doing the Lords work and congratulations on your new bride. God Bless
bill & bertie mowen@ 9:54pm 11-02-2017
Hi Jerry & Lil Jan think about you two often and hope you both are doing well. sure do miss seeing and hearing you jerry. and I bet you miss our big jar of M &M's. sure hope you haven't forgotten all those many jars we gave you. we keep you in our prayers and hope one day our paths will cross again. so many good memories of the past with good gospel singing and preaching. God Bless you Both Till We Meet Again Love & Prayers The Mowen's from Hag. , Md.
TOM DICKENS@ 9:04pm 08-20-2017
Jeanette Anderson@ 10:09pm 05-05-2017
Happy birthday Bro Jerry. If you remember my sister and i have adopted you as our brother You both were born on same day, same year. Looking to see you at Harvest Chapel end of May. Praying Gods Blessings on you and His love and protection.
bill & bertie mowen@ 12:06pm 05-01-2017
Happy Happy Birthday Jerry hope u have a great day hope Lil Jan buys you some M&M's too May God continue to bless and keep you in His care Friends from Hagerstown, Md. (M&M's big jar) hope u didn't forget us love ya both
Julie Southerland@ 3:14pm 10-18-2016
God Bless you Jerry Goff! I had the great opportunity to see you on several occasions in the 70s at Bible Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Brother Bruce Woodruff was our Pastor back then. I will never forget the joy you brought to me and my grandmother! I still sing to what few albums of yours I have left. I am praying for you and your family! With much Love, Julie
Van Heslop@ 11:48pm 10-05-2016
Keep playing that trumpet. I met you at Bro Chamberlain 's church in Salisbury MD. You and I played a duet. You inspired me. Blessings Jerry!!!

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